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Oh No! Did you drop your iPhone or smart phone in a puddle of water? Does it not even cut on anymore? Then this is the fix! DeeKnowsPhones will properly remove your entire logic board, remove all corrosion and repair any broken parts. If we can't fix it, no worries! We will refund your entire purchase, minus a $10 diagnostics repair charge!

Why choose DeeKnowsPhones for your repair?

1. 24 Hour turnaround on most repairs
2. Safe and reliable delivery with signature confirmation approved carriers
3. Insurance on your item for the retail value
4. Overnight and expedited shipping options available
5. Certified repair technicians on staff
6. 60 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed Warranty for all parts!


Note: Water damage success rate is 5 0ut of 10 phones will work. We only recommend this service for data recovery. Your phone may work for 1 year and then it may only work 1 week. Each case is different. Buy at your own risk.

When Shipping your phone to us please mail it to:


D.E.M Gloabal Enterprises LLC or DeeKnowsPhones
P.O. Box 361559
Decatur, Georgia 30036

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