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Jailbreak cell phone


What is phone flashing?

Phone flashing allows you to switch phone carriers and use your same phone (as long as it uses the same internal technology). Generally you can take a non-SIM card based phone (from Alltel, Verizon, or Sprint) and have it reconfigured to work with Cricket Wireless, Metro pcs, or Boost Mobile.

There are different types of phone flashing. A basic flash enables talk and text but your phone won't be able to work with data or picture messaging. A premium flash (or full flash) allows you to data and possibly picture messaging. In some cases, games, apps, and ring tone downloads won't work but other times they will (and usually do with Android phones).

Flashing Prices
Basic Flash.................................... $34.99
All Other Premium Flash.................. $54.99


iPhone 5, 4S, 3G, 3GS Factory Unlocking $125

NEW: Iphone 4s and above software & hardware instint unlocks $65 (must have phone in hand)

Blackberry unlock codes only $15

Other non iphone unlocks are $15-$40

Call for details




1. We can unlock your At&t iPhone no matter what part of the world you are in
2. This is a 100% safe factory unlock and will not void your warranty
3. This will unlock your iPhone no matter the status including those still under contract your iPhone will never lock again even after updates.



Jailbreaking is the process of removing the limitations on Apple devices running the iOS operating system through the use of software and hardware exploits – such devices include the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and second generation Apple TV.

Jailbreaking permits root access to the iOS operating system, allowing the download of additional applications, extensions, and themes that are unavailable through the official Apple App Store. Jailbreaking is a form of privilege escalation, and the term has been used to describe privilege escalation on devices by other manufacturers as well. The name refers to breaking the device out of its "jail", which is a technical term used in Unix-style systems, for example in the term "FreeBSD jail". A jailbroken iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad running iOS can still use the App Store, iTunes, and other normal functions, such as making telephone calls.

Unlike rooting an Android device, jailbreaking is necessary if the user intends to run software not authorized by Apple. The legality of jailbreaking depends on countries and conditions.

Other benefits of jailbreaking is it allows you to add siri, wifi hotspot your idevice, and get tons of free apps.

We offer Jailbreaking for $25

Unlock cell phone

Please understand if you provide us with the wrong information (IMEI, or IMEI for Network other than At&t) you will NOT be refunded.

THIS UNLOCK IS FOR AT&T PURCHASED iPhones ONLY 99.9% success rate

If your AT&T IMEI cannot be unlocked or comes back as not found we will provide you with a FULL REFUND.
Unlocking takes 1-24 hours to process and can be done just by sending us your payment and imei #. We will then emil the instructions.

Sprint & Verizion iphone price is different. Call for info Unlocking any phone will allow you to save almost 50% off your bill using something other then the original carrier.

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